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Yarn Guides

Yarn guides are used by textile industries based worldwide to guide the yarn to the carriers. Where yarn guides are static items, these components use  Zirconia Ceramic, which is heat resistant, highly efficient, corrosion / erosion resistant and free of wear & tear. We strive hard to provide standard quality and customer specific products which are innovative and based on new ideas and developments.

The Yarn Guides have been proven to work with 20 denier to 140 denier elastomeric yarns. 

Orizio Split Pot Eye and Bracket-800x800



It is possible to print your company name onto the Pot Eye body or bracket body. Contact Us for further details.


Provides static discharge.

Reduced down time of the machine during cleaning.

Easy to thread.

Option to add company logo.

To view our parts in 3D

Hover over images.

Left Mouse Click + Hold = Rotate

Center Mouse Scroll = Zoom

Right Mouse Click + Hold = Pan




Yarn Guides
Wheel Assembly - Shown with
10MM & 12MM Vortex wheels
Pilotelli Split Pot Eye And Bracket
Orizio Split Pot Eye and Bracket
Monarch Z3S Chamfer
Monarch 3S
360 Adjustable double Bracket (complete)
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