Zirconia Ceramic Spindle

The entire wheel, bearing and axle assembly are replaced in one handy unit.

Traditionally elastomeric stop motion feeders have used roller based wheels. This meant that the wheel would oscillate inconsistently. This was caused by the difference between bearing and axel diameter, creating clogs or misplaiting.  

We've removed the entire wheel, bearing and axle assembly and replaced it with Zirconia Ceramic Spindle. This benefited in limiting the drag, no rotation, perfect fit with a 15 second replacement, and a traverse controlled by the end shields. Additionally machine cleaning time is reduced from 2 hours (for wheel assemblies) to 3 minutes (for Zirconia Ceramic Spindles).

The Zirconia Ceramic Spindle has been proven to work with 20 denier to 140 denier elastomeric yarns. Plaiting performance was shown to be higher with a greater control of tension at the point of input.


Limited drag.

No rotation.

Perfect fit.

Hassle free, 15 second replacement.

3 minutes machine cleaning time. 

Works with 20-140 denier.

Higher control of tension at the point of input.

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