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Vortex Fan

Elastomeric Wheels

Our innovative co-polymer, self cleaning wheels with our push fit technology will make your refitting quick and effortless.

We use advanced co-polymer with correlated dielectric properties for our wheels to inhibit lint attraction to the wheel, bearing and axle, thus keeping it clean. A slide on/off guard is available to prevent further lint ingress into the bearing surface. 

The integral rotor, the purpose of which is to create a vortex during the wheel run, discharges the short staple yarn through turbulence in the air flow surrounding the wheel. 

Push fit technology offers precise fitting of guards and wheels, due to preset axle limiters that provide the correct alignment with the feeder.

The wheels are printed with a pattern for confirmation of rotation, both visually and with a strobe for greater accuracy. It is possible to print your company name onto the wheel. Contact Us for further details.


Provides static discharge and displaces lint.

Reduced down time of the machine during wheel replacement and cleaning.

Easy to thread.

Printed pattern for confirmation of rotation.

Option to add company logo.

Push fit technology for easy wheel replacement.

To view our parts in 3D

Hover over images.

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Wheel Assembly
10MM & 12MM 
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